My Motherhood Community

The Brief

Johnsons’ has a rich heritage with over 125 year commitment to parents when it comes to producing what is best for baby! After listening to more than 26,000 parents from around the world – and paired their feedback with the latest science to improve our products Johnson’s transformed its brand from the inside out.

As a result the brand wanted to become better at communicating their personality and values outside of their own walls by collaborate with authentic voices to help tell their transformation story and encourage parents in the GCC to #ChooseGentle.

The Solution

Through this platform Johnson’s aimed to reassure parents and provide them with a safe space created by our ambassadors that exuded authenticity and reassurance as they navigate through their own journey of parenthood.

The Engagement

The conversation further extended as we empowered our ambassadors to connect with their audience directly online and through face to face parenting meet ups which became a sampling opportunity for the brand.

The Result

By inviting 9 Unique ambassadors from the UAE, KSA & KW to be part of our journey and help us tell our #CHOOSEgentle story. We successfully harnessed the power of parent to parent conversations and reached 11.3M parents in the GCC by creating 322 pieces of content and engaging with 164.3 K moms.

Client: Johnson's Baby
Project Type: Social Media Campaign, Influencer's Marketing
Year: 2019-2020
Agency: Oglivy