Best For Baby, Best For You

The Brief

In 2018, Johnson’s was preparing to transform their entire line and in turn, wanted to deplete their stock to make way for their new and improved line. As a result, our brief was to increase purchases among adults, which stemmed from the brand’s insight that 57% of Johnson’s baby product buyers were from households without babies.

The Solution

To educate people on all the different uses and benefits of Johnsons’ baby products we collaborated with two You-tubers Maha AJ (entertainer) & Dina Al Sharif (makeup artist) to challenge one another to find the most DIY uses or hacks for Baby wipes, baby shampoo, oil and powder.

The video was then repurposed to sit on Johnson’s YouTube page pushing to a partner commerce website where a discount code was offered by each of the influencers to drive traffic to the purchase page.

Each influencer then shared the video on their own social media channels to add more traffic.

The Engagement

The campaign was first launched by our influencers who announced the challenge and had their fans join the conversation on what other uses they could find for Johnson’s baby products

The Result

Using a variety of platforms , the video was re-purposed for IGTV, IG Stories and YouTube pre-rolls to reach 80% of our target audience. The campaign totaled 3.6M impressions and a reach of 1.4M. More importantly the campaign drove over 30% volume in sales both online and in stores combined.

Client: Johnson's Baby
Project Type: Social Media Campaign, Influencer's Marketing
Year: 2018
Agency: Oglivy