Hello, Salam, ola!


RELAX! We are not an agency.

We are not a marketing firm, we don’t do buzzwords or B.S. What we do, is solve our client’s challenges with creative data-driven solutions along with heart, sweat and tears (more sweat and fewer tears)

S3cubed is a consultancy run by Sawsan Abdillahi; an award-winning marketer, strategist, and creative who believes in the power of storytelling! We bring 15+ years of expertise, insight, intuition and passion to make your brand matter.

Sawsan Abdillahi
Founder & Creative Director OF S3cubed Consultancy

You are probably wondering what S3cubed stand for?

S for Social

We get your social media plan to where it needs to be.

S for Society

We build a culture that creators and innovators thrive on.

S for Strategy

We connect, ask questions, identify challenges and solve.

We create campaigns that boost awareness, attracts and inspires people.


Designed with the mission to provide start ups, content creators and brands with a guide to connect, create and celebrate through guidance, mentorship and expert consultancy


Innovative & Inspired

Plug & play social media is not what we do. We aspire to help you produce creative and innovative solutions.


Transparent & Authentic

We are unapologetically authentic and welcome clients who are true to their self and brand.


Educational & Support

We are here to asses, guide and help you to achieve the objectives you desire despite you knowing about social media or not; we are here to help!


Seasoned and Trained

10 years of experience working with global brands provided me with the technical know how. I am now keen to share this with you!

Are you interested in our sevices?

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I have been fortunate enough to work with and for some of the world’s most exciting brands!

After being recommended to Sawsan and s3cubed from a friend of mine, she was excellent at helping me in the beginning stages of my business set-up and the creation of my first online services. Her team, especially the web developer have been very helpful and are always happy to answer your what's apps, emails or jump on a call as I entered a world unknown to me. I have really appreciated the knowledge and expertise surrounding my site development, WordPress, CTA's, Social Media, SEM and SEO. They are always on hand whenever you need to ask a question, an opinion or advice on what's next! You can check out their professionally work at www.charlottespurway.com Thank you to Sawsan and the team for putting me into digital market.

Charlie Spurway Client

``We were very pleased as the experience was professional and efficient to work with S3cubed. All part of the project was executed and done on time. Very responsive attitude that we received.``

Kadir Muscle Cheff

``I am truly humbled to have been introduced to you and have the privilege to work with you! My company; namely The Smudge Collection General Trading LLC proudly distributes the gorgeous Stuck On You love across the Middle East and have done so for the past five of the fifteen years, we have been active in the region. I can’t believe how far we have come in such a short space of time and especially in the current trying market conditions! HUGE thanks to you and all you put into the Back To School season for creating amazing campaigns and most of all for supporting me and the work that I absolutely love!``

Joelene Stuck On You

``I have had the chance to work with Sawsan to launch my brand's social media presence and develop a strategy and I am very impressed with the work she delivered and the level of expertise she brought to the table. She is now my go-to social media guru``

Salma Mishkat

“ I worked with Sawsan from S3-cubed to help us launch our Social Media efforts. This allowed us to choose the right social pages to be present in for our business and enabled us to create content that resonates with customers.“

Wafaa Sawa Lingua

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sawsan and I am impressed by the knowledge and experience she has got in the field of social and digital. If there is a word that could describe her it would be ``insightful`` I have always learn something in every meeting with her.“

Salem Kaadan InspireTBB

“ As somebody who owns a business and took part in S3cubed’s social media workshop. It was incredibly helpful for me to understand the social media world from a different perspective. There are so many nuances that we don’t get to see from a consumer standpoint and sessions helped visualize things form me. I truly felt I had a book of knowledge I can re-use, and I have put a lot of actions and learnings into our business which has helped us grow!.“

Anisa Ismail The Unplugged Initiative