Mishkat Content Strategy and Development

Client: Mishkat
Website: mishkat.ae
Date: 2021
Instagram: @mishkat.ae
Facebook: @mishkat.ae

The Brief

Mishkat is a lifestyle coaching brand that provides services such as personal consultations, individual sessions life coaching and an overall holistic program to help individuals live their authentic best self.

The brand used to communicate exclusively through their official website, but with Life Coaching growing as an industry there was a need to utilize social media to connect with existing clients and build relationships with potential ones.

The objective was to launch Mishkat on social media channels: Instagram and Facebook, and to touch the regional audience; more particularly consumers who are going through challenges, who have felt stunted since the pandemic and had a desire to grow personally and professionally. These are individuals who are looking to unlock their potential, work on their relationship with themselves and need to balance their mind, soul and body.

S3 Cubed was tasked with creating a strategic road map that raises awareness about Mishkat unique offerings, that drive consultation and leads which helps connect the brand to the right consumer base.

The Solution

> Consulting

Mishkat consulted with S3 Cubed to go beyond increasing brand visibility and awareness; we helped the brand determine its need to cut through the clutter with a story-led strategy that enabled the brand’s mission to stand out clearly to its consumers.

We started by mapping out the objectives and diving deep into our core target audience and their various personas; followed by conducting research on who is the best in class and what they are doing on social media.

> Planning

By establishing a clear role for Mishkat and its offering on social media we devised an “Always-On” approach based on insights, behaviour and storytelling to lead their content towards the right direction.

S3 Cubed focuses on helping the brand achieve its goals by:

  • Building an engaged community via showcasing and highlighting authentic – Experiences, Testimonials and User Generated Content
  • Uploading a set of diverse content with themes varying from quotes to expanding on what differentiates Mishkat from other Life Coaching services
  • Recommending influencers to endorse the experiences and services in order to increase the brand’s credibility as well as leads
  • Monitoring online trends and utilize them to our benefit with relevance to Life Coaching or wellness-related content for the brand to be part of a releavnt conversation

> Design & Development

Our team collaborated and developed a visual identity that is minimal yet cohesive, vibrant, and filled with inspiring imagery.

The Visuals

We wanted to best illustrate to our new curious followers that Mishkat is a harmonious brand that helps you to live your best life and provide the right tools and services for you to succeed in life’s journey. The content, illustrations and colours aim to inspire people to take the step towards being their authentic self and explore life coaching that improves their lifestyle from all aspects: mind, soul and body.

The Results:

Mishkat successfully launched its brand on social media. By publishing content and stories with lasting value, we established an online identity that best represents the brand persona, inspiring story and offered services.

This resulted in a well-planned feed and story that not only looked visually cohesive and appealing but also communicated the Mishkat 3D offerings, drive consultation bookings and leads.

Client: Mishkat
Website: mishkat.ae
Date: 2021
Instagram: @mishkat.ae
Facebook: @mishkat.ae

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