Audas -DTC brand launch

The Brief

The direct-to-consumer fashion and beauty space has flourished in the last decade and has as result become over-saturated with brands vying to distinguish themselves and stand out. “Audas” is a new and functional skincare brand that wants to launch in the US market with a unique & differentiated solution by establishing an emotional affinity with a niche target market.

Our brief was to create a compelling “Go-To-Market” plan that aspires to men between the ages of 18 -50 who are educated and are looking to elevate their basic grooming routines.

The Research

Our research spanned from “How have brands” changed the way they communicate to men in the grooming category (example Lynx/Axe) to how has the pandemic impacted and changed how we consume products. We learned that a shift in purchase behaviour meant that men were broadening their definition of grooming and masculinity.

For some men, this meant exploring new skincare routines while for others it simply involved moving beyond a basic shaving regimen. Which helped us lean into this newfound way men were seeking to feel confident and improve their appearance.

The Creative

We developed the TAG line “OWN IT” which focused on why the “Audas Man” was an individual who doesn’t have vague ideas, ambiguous goals, and mere interests. They have passion, intent, and conviction. Whether they are CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, a professional, an athlete or a student.

Our campaign aimed to step away from the norm and show fathers, students, athletes, mentors. Their thoughts, fears, their work in progress and their ongoing path to being a better version of themselves. Their story becomes the voice of our brand. Confidence arises when they are truly comfortable in their own skin. 

The End Result

In our effort to connect the brand with our desired audience through universal truths and insights we designed a platform that celebrates men from all walks of life and restores confidence to where it belongs, within our audience. Which ultimately is to launch this direct to consumer brand as functional products for men who do!

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